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I clear the pathway to resolving business-to-business or partner conflicts through a fair and balanced legal perspective. Because of my vast international experience and love of language and culture, I have navigated the legal aspects of many international agreements for companies and corporations. I bring my experience with multi-million and billion dollar companies both in the U.S. and abroad to entrepreneurs seeking a focused advisor and legal counselor to realize their business goals or to resolve conflicts in their affairs.

  • Entrepreneur-Focused
  • Long-Term Relationships
  • Strategic Representation
  • International Experience
  • Billion-Dollar Client Expertise
  • Conflict Resolution

An experienced legal counselor with a strong entrepreneurial orientation and Fortune 500 Company experience, I am adept and innovative at facilitating the development of commercial endeavors of all sizes, from start-ups and small businesses to large corporations. I am, in essence, a problem solver for businesses.

I was formerly a partner in two major U.S. law firms and General Counsel to Rio Tinto America and Kennecott Utah Copper Corporation. My legal responsibilities have included commercial transactions of all types in the U.S. and in Europe, North America, South America, and Asia for: cooperation agreements in technology and product development; procurement and sales agreements, environmental permitting and compliance, safety and hygiene regulation, tax litigation oversight, employee benefits, employment regulation, corporate governance and compliance, and dispute resolution through litigation and arbitration.

Seasoned and experienced in business matter, I have planned, supervised, and conducted numerous risk assessments in industrial and commercial settings. I have established successful and sustainable programs for cost recapture under warranties and performance guarantees.

Business Relationships

Strategic Alliances

Managed the acquisition through privatization of major mining operations.


Worked closely with management to transition from a small domestic
communications operator to a significant international presence.


Worked closely with management to establish a company to pursue sustainability opportunities in its growth phase.

Strategic Guidance

Helped an international enterprise turn conflict in negotiations to goal-oriented outcomes for both parties in a joint venture.

Conflict Resolution

Developed and implemented strategy to resolve a commercial conflict with
an international manufacturer with face-saving strategies for both sides.

Employment Law

Advised on ADA, FMLA, and Title VII, and managed associated employment litigation.

Working with James


He managed an acquisition of over $150,000,000 of a national complex
and entire small city in a major mining operation in Latin America.


James speaks five languages which help him bridge the gap between many cultural differences in resolving issues.


He is confident in his negotiations for creating lasting agreements and
for resolving business disputes.


He has experience managing commercial arrangements, establishing company strategies, and solving business disputes.


His negotiation skills bring parties to goal-oriented understanding.


ames is a seasoned lawyer and he is listed as a Distinguished Neutral on the Commercial Roster of the American Arbitration Association.

Client Testimonials

Long History of Professional Service & Established Relationships


Since 2009, James Elegante has served as our corporate legal counsel to help us navigate through difficult and complex issues. As a company, we rely heavily on quick turnaround advice, guidance, and legal counsel – James provides just that. He understands the complexities we face in a services environment that often spans the globe. He has professionally interfaced with our internal executives as well as client legal representatives and has always encouraged a position of ethics, honesty, and proactivity. He is business savvy and a strong contributor to our success.


– Brad Douglas
Chief Operating Officer at Shipley Associates


James is a very brilliant lawyer that puts his deep knowledge of the law at the service of his partners, always aiming to obtain the desired business result. Great personality and culture. A great friend.


– Mr. Luca Buonerba
Chief Marketing & Business Development Officer at Industrie De Nora,
Milan, Italy